breathing. space. no. 10: immediations workshop

Over the ANZAC weekend, Australasian members of the Immediations research project gathered together in Melbourne for three days of experimentation and discussion. Knotty problems such as “How to amplify and expand in order to slow down?” and “How to pass on an act of listening?” were workshopped through practical experimentation and improvisation.

Photographs and video by Georgina Matherson.

workshop : exploring visible and invisible borders in paris

I have been invited to participate in an experimental walking tour of Paris, along with a number of other artists, architects and cartographers. This workshop is as an extension of the Mapping Processes and Practices : Arts, Maps and Society conference, which I presented at.

The group I was a member of toured the Goutte d’Or neighbourhood in the 18th arrondissement, and were then asked to make a collage/map that represented our impressions of the area.

Photos are by Anne-Kathrin Reuschel. For more information visit the Art & Cartography working group website.

GPS drawing workshop

As Wild Creations artist in residence I offered to run a drawing workshop for pupils of Fox Glacier Primary School. Over three sessions I introduced the idea of drawing on the land, beginning with historical precedents such as the white horse chalk drawings in England and the Nazca drawings in Peru and moving on to work by Richard Long and Hamish Fulton. After a session on using Global Positioning System devices to record their movements, the students then created their own digital drawings by walking carefully designed routes; walking as a creative act, rather than a means of travelling.

Student participants were : Ollie Clarke, Jacob Sullivan, Liam Sullivan, Lucas Bron, Rhys Hopkins, Charlie Jewell, Matthew Morgan, Bayley Sullivan, Peter Williams, Taryn Hopkins, Rhiannon Barber and Naomi Halford.

Thanks to school staff Lesley Gillgren, Rebecca Griffiths and Linda Holmes.

workshop :

phylogeny weekend

I have developed a new version of Kitset for Phylogeny Weekend, an event organised by Hamer Dodds for the Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh. Over the course of the weekend, the concept of phylogeny will be examined through various talks and workshops. These will provide an opportunity for thinkers, makers and players to consider how the interrelated subjects of time, place and relationship inform and affect creative and theoretical practices. Speakers include artist Gerhard Lang and academics Mike Phillips and Chris Speed.