kitset 2.0

Laser cut model–making plywood, metal rings.

First exhibited at Phylogeny Weekend, John Hope Gateway building, Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh, Scotland. February 2010.

Shown as part of a two person show Infinite Fondness, at Wolfson College, Oxford University, England. June 2010.

Exhibited at City Art Centre, as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland. April 2012.

A development from the earlier three–dimensional drawing system, this Kitset was created specifically for an exhbition centred around the idea of phylogeny, or the evolutionary development and diversification of species. Modules are still based on the same underlying Penrose tiling geometry as the original Kitset, but are adapted to make them meaningful in a specific scientific context. A secondary timber colour also adds another dimension to a phylogenetic reading of the work.

workshop :

phylogeny weekend

I have developed a new version of Kitset for Phylogeny Weekend, an event organised by Hamer Dodds for the Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh. Over the course of the weekend, the concept of phylogeny will be examined through various talks and workshops. These will provide an opportunity for thinkers, makers and players to consider how the interrelated subjects of time, place and relationship inform and affect creative and theoretical practices. Speakers include artist Gerhard Lang and academics Mike Phillips and Chris Speed.