bloom : bury art gallery

Ward Hill has been selected by curator Tony Trehy for Bloom at Bury Art Gallery in Manchester. Featuring works from oil on panel to neon, from video to bonsai, artists will investigate what it means to apply order over nature. The show opens on May 1st and runs until July 17 and includes works by Lawrence Weiner, Shaun Pickard (pictured above), Ian Hamilton Findlay and Tamás Waliczky.

ward hill

Vertically tracking video projection with sound.
9 minutes.

shown at Sleeper Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland. January 2009
shown at As We Speak, Glasgow, Scotland. March 2009
featured on Registered in Art, an artists’ video youtube channel. April/May 2010
shown as part of the curated exhibition Bloom at Bury Museum and Art Gallery, Manchester, England. May – July 2010.

Made with footage of the ground taken while climbing Ward Hill in the Orkney Islands, this video slowly tracks up the wall of the space in which it is shown. It forms a vertical section of the landscape, capturing the diversity of flora in response to altitude and the sensitivity of plant life to these conditions.

The accompanying sound is a recording of my heartbeat matched to my pulse rate while climbing, which reinforces the physicality of the work.

a simple way to

measure the wind

Harmonica, wind, field recording.
3 minutes 53s
shown at Pier Arts Centre, Stromness, Orkney Islands. November/December 2008
And at La Ira Sónica, a sonic/new media arts festival in Coyoacán, Mexico City. July 2010

This recording responds to the extremely windy environment of the Orkney Islands. Taking a cheap harmonica into this setting provided a way to understand wind direction and intensity aurally. Strong gusts produce overtones and harmonics creating an interplay with the already occurring wind sounds.

stromness harbour

4 minutes.
shown at Pier Arts Centre, Stromness, Orkney Islands
November/December 2008

This piece of observational video records the various pulsing lights in Stromness harbour at night. The various beacons and lighthouse form a visual rhythm and provide a way to measure the space within the frame. The video has a subtlety of movement, with passing clouds visible in the moonlight.