opening : THISNESS group exhibition

THISNESS EXHIBITION INVITATIONI have a new piece of work developed in collaboration with Jeff Hannam in an exhibition at BUS projects at 25-31 Rokeby Street in Collingwood. The exhibition opens on Wednesday 9 April from 6-8pm, and then runs until 26 April 2014.

“THISNESS is an exhibition by a group of artists and designers who are engaged in the theoretical investigation of spatial practice. The exhibition explores the concept of ‘haecceity’ through the presentation of works that express the essential quality of their nature through the fashioning of their materiality/immateriality. The pieces displayed interrogate the defining properties of the perception of the material world and challenge the audience’s relationship with the physical and the spatial. In doing so, the works seek to evoke a visceral encounter and provoke a heightened sensibility in the viewer/experiencer. The works in the exhibition range from a variety of approaches and disciplines; from drawing, photography, objects, sculpture, installation and sensorial environments. The exhibition as a whole seeks to highlight compelling approaches toward the manipulation of the physical and in doing so contend the actions and perceptions that constitute contemporary spatial art and design.”

Works by Suzie Attiwill, James Carey, Chris Cottrell and Jeff Hannam, Anthony Fryatt and Roger Kemp, Leah Heiss, Ross McLeod, Caroline Vains and Phoebe Whitman.

More details available on the BUS projects website.

INDEX 2013


INDEX, the RMIT Interior Design graduate exhibition opened last night, after a year of hard work planning, fundraising, designing and making by the graduating class and their tutors. Many thanks to Pandarosa for another amazing job on the identity, publication and environmental graphics, and to Rob Sowter and Rohan Bevan for their help onsite with the exhibition build.

building movements

Building Movements

Taking the building as a site for research and experimentation, Building Movements works directly upon the RMIT Design Hub, to interrupt habitual processes through the production of environments, drawings, and events. Following on from a research workshop held at the Design Hub in June 2013, these projects will reveal how we interact with, and are embedded within, architectural surrounds. Demanding an active engagement with the space leads to a deeper awareness of the mechanisms at play in the interaction between organisms and environments.

Installations by the Affective Environments architecture and interior design student workshop led by Chris Cottrell, Scott Andrew Elliott and Olivia Pintos–Lopez.
Projects by James Carey, Zuzana Kovar, Nick Skepper, Pia Ednie-Brown, and Adele Varcoe.
Curated by Pia Ednie-Brown.

A DRI associated event – supported by the Australian Research Council and a residency funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

breathing. space. no.4: PPPPP collaboration

2013-ppppp-01I have been invited to take part in this live creative research performance, organised by the PPPPP Group. Over a one-hour period, a group of invited individuals will collaborate without speaking, but instead through direct exchange and interaction with various objects and materials brought into the space by the participants.

The setting is redolent of an open market bazaar or black market gambling setting, where there is a constant exploring of the terms of interaction, mediation, materials and exchange – but mediated through the materials at hand rather than spoken or written language.

The event takes place over several sessions on Friday May 3rd and Saturday May 4th at the Design Hub at RMIT.

cloudy sensoria opening

From light phenomena to sound, qualities of smell and the dispersal of air in space, Cloudy Sensoria explores the intangible forms of sensation. The exhibition acts as a site specific interpretation of the time shifting experiences at Bundoora Homestead. Originally the home of an aristocratic family, then an institution for men deeply traumatised and often disfigured by war; no one lives here anymore, it is now a cultural centre, a place for ideas and contemplation. As if the walls could tell their stories, the artists engage the audience in new ways of seeing – often not with the eyes – perceiving the building, its location and history.

Artists: Chris Cottrell, Georgina Cue, Jason Parmington, Cara-Ann Simpson and Malte Wagenfeld.

Curated by Cara-Ann Simpson and Malte Wagenfeld.

Exhibition runs Friday October 19 – Sunday December 2
Opening launch : Saturday October 27th, 3-6pm
Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, Melbourne.
More details available here.


Group exhibition featuring works by Chris Cottrell, Evelyn Kwok, Marilyn Schneider, and a collaborative workshop by Josh Harle.
August 31st — September 30th
The Lock Up Cultural Centre,
Newcastle, NSW.

Join four emerging contemporary artists in their attempts to record, recreate and reimagine the world around us. Influenced by the theories of Foucault, Baudelaire and Debord, the artists examine how a ‘mapping impulse’ drives our understanding of the places we occupy.

kitset at edinburgh science festival

Kitset 2.0 is being exhibited at the City Art Centre in Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival. It is featured in an ASCUS–art science collaborative curated exhibition of art works which were informed through consultation and collaboration with scientists. The exhibition runs from March 31 until April 14.

Thanks to Hamer Dodds and the ASCUS committee for their help in facilitating the project.

perceptions of greenland

I have helped to develop Perceptions of Greenland, an exhibition of images by Edinburgh based artists and scientists at Tent Gallery. It aims to reveal parallels in the ways various disciplines observe and interact with this arctic environment and is organised by ASCUS : art science collaborative. Contributors include Mark Eischeid, Hamer Dodds, Pete Nienow, Ian Bartholomew, Jennifer Littlejohn and Malize McBride.

Opening event:  12-2pm, Friday July 16.
The show is visible from the street and will run continuously until July 23.

bloom : bury art gallery

Ward Hill has been selected by curator Tony Trehy for Bloom at Bury Art Gallery in Manchester. Featuring works from oil on panel to neon, from video to bonsai, artists will investigate what it means to apply order over nature. The show opens on May 1st and runs until July 17 and includes works by Lawrence Weiner, Shaun Pickard (pictured above), Ian Hamilton Findlay and Tamás Waliczky.