conference : ‘cloud’ and molecular aesthetics

cloud-main-image_smallerMy paper “Atmospheric—Making” has been accepted for the upcoming Transdisciplinary Imaging Conference “Cloud and Molecular Aesthetics” which is to be held in Istanbul, Turkey from June 26–28. Further details are available here.

Taking turbulence as both conceptual driver and organisational strategy, this paper gathers together recent drawing, installation and performative works, and examines the dynamics of this collection, drawing out and articulating the forces at play. Turbulence is understood as forceful and transformative, occurring in the space between, and as a result of, dramatic changes in atmospheric pressure. Projects are developed through an experimental practice of “atmospheric–making,” accreting particles across a range of scales to the point that these individual constituents become subsumed within a larger atmospheric condition. This two-way dynamic between the particular and the atmospheric seeks points of tension, where new qualities emerge from the interplay between particles and systems.

Three modes of crossing–between the particular and the atmospheric will be discussed. The first is developing relations between material and immaterial media to inhabit a threshold position between these two. Secondly, these (im)materials are used to activate spaces of betweenness, drawing attention to these liminal zones. The final crossing–between aims to disrupt a clear and defined epistemology, instead privileging an approach that embraces uncertainty, vagueness and changefulness.

These approaches question the idea of a defined and knowable world that is able to be captured through representational techniques. In its place it suggests a bodily process of figuring out, requiring immersion and active participation in making sense of atmospheric conditions. This bodily engagement results in the blurring of a distinct sense of self, and challenges participants to take part in a process of co-formation between environmental surrounds and distributed presence.

conference :

sense of planet

Sense of Planet set out to understand how current global ecological concerns, such as the acceleration of climate change, species extinction, can be comprehended by individuals, and to address the issues and activities of representing the earth in its entirety. Speakers included Timothy Morton, Nicholas Mirzoeff and Ursula Heise.

Speaker abstracts and more details here.

conference : architecture/ECOLOGY

Kitset has been selected as a participatory intervention in the Architecture/ECOLOGY conference, organised by the University of Sheffield School of Architecture. The conference will examine various notions of ecology and their relationship to the discipline of architecture, and features speakers from around the UK and abroad. Keynote speakers are Neeraj Bhatia and Maya Przybylski of Infranet Lab.