not the first mixtape

compiled december 2011 to january 2012
mixtaped january 2012

featuring: A$AP rocky, africa hitech, animal collective, bone thugs-n-harmony, cypress hill, dibiase, dj earl, fennesz, gang gang dance, hertta lussu ässa, kemialliset ystävät, king midas sound (ggd remix), kingdom, korallreven, kuedo, lunice feat. azealia banks, missy elliott, múm, naughty by nature, paavoharju, rustie, samiyam, snoop doggy dogg, tomutonttu, warren g feat. nate dogg, the weeknd and zomby.

summer breaks mixtape

compiled november 2010 to may 2011
mixtaped june 2011

featuring: the blessings, che fu/token village, conquering animal sound, darkstar, dilated peoples, disrupt, dj elmoe, dj nate, ducktails, flying lotus, gang starr, hudson mo, hype williams, king midas sound, lunice/brandy, mike slott, mount kimbie, nosaj thing, panda bear, pastels/tenniscoats, paul white, peaking lights, rustie, submariner, theophilus london/whitney houston, thirteen, tokimonsta, toro y moi, traxman, a tribe called quest, tshetsha boys, us3, velour and yeasayer.

track cutting fox glacier

Stereo Field Recording
2 minutes 15s
Recorded early morning, 9 December 2010.

This work approaches the physicality of Fox Glacier, through a recording of guiding staff maintaining access on to the glacier. Each day staff work to re-cut a series of steps and pathways into the surface, making modifications to allow for the melting and shifting of the ice. The materiality and physicality of this small scale and repetitive act is in turn linked to the larger scale dynamics of the glacier as a whole.

cumbernauld receiving

Real-time audio manipulation of archival recordings, library catalogue record.
23 minutes 46s
Exhibited in Cumbernauld Town Centre, North Lanarkshire, Scotland.
March 2009
Now in the collection of Cumbernauld Public Library.
Also exhibited in the online audio exhibition “Location Location” on Stramash Space.
February–March 2010
And at La Ira Sónica, a sonic/new media arts festival in Coyoacán, Mexico City. July 2010

This work arose from my interest in the town’s history and the preservation of that history. Making parallels between the deterioration of archival material and the material of the town itself, a series of sound pieces were developed using recordings made from a VHS copy of the 1970 promotional film A Town For Tomorrow. These recordings are then digitally manipulated to create something which speaks of the present, while maintaining a connection to days past.

a simple way to

measure the wind

Harmonica, wind, field recording.
3 minutes 53s
shown at Pier Arts Centre, Stromness, Orkney Islands. November/December 2008
And at La Ira Sónica, a sonic/new media arts festival in Coyoacán, Mexico City. July 2010

This recording responds to the extremely windy environment of the Orkney Islands. Taking a cheap harmonica into this setting provided a way to understand wind direction and intensity aurally. Strong gusts produce overtones and harmonics creating an interplay with the already occurring wind sounds.

slideshow sideshow

Moving image and DJ performance.
Direct colour slides, projectors and mixed media.
3 hours 30 minutes.
performed at Truck Festival, Oxfordshire, England.
July 2008

I was invited to organize this event which ran in the early morning of this two-day festival. Hand coloured and vintage slides accompanied a DJ set of ambient and experimental music, including some of my sound works.

auroral anomaly

Hand-made colour slides, mixed media and audio performance.
6 minutes.
projection approximately 5 x 3m
performed for the Ascension Cinema Festival, St Kevin’s Arcade, Auckland, New Zealand.
December 2006

The culmination of a series of three projector works, combining direct colour slide techniques and an audio piece with performance. Auroral Anomaly recreates the magical atmospheric field of an aurora. The audio evokes an environment that is warm and enchanting yet also detailed, blustery and crystalline.


Field recording, real-time audio manipulation.
5 minutes 17s
released on the label Compact Listen.
August 2006

A single field recording documents the aural richness of an everyday moment. Seagulls, people passing, a homeless man playing recorder, the drone of a lawn-mower and a nearby clock chiming 12 all feature in this recording made alongside the Albert Park fountain in central Auckland. Qualities of sound are amplified, exaggerated and manipulated via a custom piece of real-time audio programming.

audio reticulation

Computer cut vinyl, glass, sunlight, processed audio feedback.
1.8 x 2m
shown at High Street Project gallery, Christchurch, New Zealand.
May 2006

An audio processing network developed using the max/msp software formed the basis for this work. The vinyl-on-glass work makes visual the audio piece, offering an alternative way of reading systemic relationships. This notion of translation also occurs within the image as it is processed for vinyl cutting, a technology that works between the hand-made and machinic. Using light to activate the work firmly grounds it in the physical world.