opening : THISNESS group exhibition

THISNESS EXHIBITION INVITATIONI have a new piece of work developed in collaboration with Jeff Hannam in an exhibition at BUS projects at 25-31 Rokeby Street in Collingwood. The exhibition opens on Wednesday 9 April from 6-8pm, and then runs until 26 April 2014.

“THISNESS is an exhibition by a group of artists and designers who are engaged in the theoretical investigation of spatial practice. The exhibition explores the concept of ‘haecceity’ through the presentation of works that express the essential quality of their nature through the fashioning of their materiality/immateriality. The pieces displayed interrogate the defining properties of the perception of the material world and challenge the audience’s relationship with the physical and the spatial. In doing so, the works seek to evoke a visceral encounter and provoke a heightened sensibility in the viewer/experiencer. The works in the exhibition range from a variety of approaches and disciplines; from drawing, photography, objects, sculpture, installation and sensorial environments. The exhibition as a whole seeks to highlight compelling approaches toward the manipulation of the physical and in doing so contend the actions and perceptions that constitute contemporary spatial art and design.”

Works by Suzie Attiwill, James Carey, Chris Cottrell and Jeff Hannam, Anthony Fryatt and Roger Kemp, Leah Heiss, Ross McLeod, Caroline Vains and Phoebe Whitman.

More details available on the BUS projects website.