material conversation : avoca


While at a recent research workshop hosted by Lyndall Jones at the Avoca Project, Mick Douglas, Scott Andrew Elliott and I took some time to attune to the qualities of things around, some brought, some found. We improvised and played with material relationships based on qualities present and anticipated. A short film was recorded by a digital camera precariously suspended from a tree branch. Edited video coming soon.

INDEX 2014


INDEX, the RMIT Interior Design graduate exhibition, celebrated the work of the program’s graduating students with an opening event and exhibition in the Weylandts furniture warehouse in Abbotsford. The event is the culmination of a year of hard work planning, fundraising, designing and making by the graduating class and their tutors. I coordinated the year’s activites and was lucky enough to work with Pandarosa who took care of the identity, publication and environmental graphics, as well as with Rob Sowter, Nick Visser, Linda Hum and Rohan Bevan who greatly assisted the student group with the exhibition build.

All photos by Georgina Matherson.


Collaborative writing project with Scott Andrew Elliott.

With this experimental writing project we are trying to write between, and around, and extend, an idea of tentativeness, and develop this experience through writing and reading. We are doing this by writing together, either simultaneously into the same document, or cutting and editing two separate texts together using a variety of strategies. These texts are then re-worked and re-edited to draw out new and unexpected concepts, and to creatively generate uncertainty.

breathing. space. no. 10: immediations workshop

Over the ANZAC weekend, Australasian members of the Immediations research project gathered together in Melbourne for three days of experimentation and discussion. Knotty problems such as “How to amplify and expand in order to slow down?” and “How to pass on an act of listening?” were workshopped through practical experimentation and improvisation.

Photographs and video by Georgina Matherson.

breath clouds

2014-breath_clouds-01Electronics, software, air and breath. Visualisation programming by Jeff Hannam.
Exhibited in the group show THISNESS.
BUS Projects, Melbourne.
April 9 – 26, 2014

Inspired by the experience of exhalations being made visible in the cold, dry, wintertime air before dissipating into the wider atmosphere, this project uses breath as a way to understand the reciprocal relationships present in the making of oneself through and with the environment. Breath Clouds makes perceptible flows and exchanges of energy, using aural and visual responses to set up feedback loops between our individual presence and the atmosphere of the gallery space.

Thanks to Tony for the photos.