a simple way to

measure the wind

Harmonica, wind, field recording.
3 minutes 53s
shown at Pier Arts Centre, Stromness, Orkney Islands. November/December 2008
And at La Ira Sónica, a sonic/new media arts festival in Coyoacán, Mexico City. July 2010

This recording responds to the extremely windy environment of the Orkney Islands. Taking a cheap harmonica into this setting provided a way to understand wind direction and intensity aurally. Strong gusts produce overtones and harmonics creating an interplay with the already occurring wind sounds.

stromness harbour

4 minutes.
shown at Pier Arts Centre, Stromness, Orkney Islands
November/December 2008

This piece of observational video records the various pulsing lights in Stromness harbour at night. The various beacons and lighthouse form a visual rhythm and provide a way to measure the space within the frame. The video has a subtlety of movement, with passing clouds visible in the moonlight.


Urban performance series.
Blue Boar Street, Oxford, England.
June – August 2008

This series took advantage of exisitng public spaces, appropriating them as places for performance happenings. In addition to an invited audience the performances provide passersby with an unexpected encounter.
I inititated these events and performed at all three, presenting sound, moving image and drawing works.

drawing cycle

Charcoal and conte on paper, bicycle, drawing apparatus.
series of 17 drawings.
shown at Lolapalooza Gallery, Oxford, England.
July 2008

These drawings were produced during my 15 mile daily commute in rural Oxfordshire, by a form of automatic drawing. The drawing instrument responded to changes of direction and variation in  road surface, resulting in the marks that make up each drawing. The only decision I made was when a particular drawing was finished, with the distance taken to complete it becoming its title.

slideshow sideshow

Moving image and DJ performance.
Direct colour slides, projectors and mixed media.
3 hours 30 minutes.
performed at Truck Festival, Oxfordshire, England.
July 2008

I was invited to organize this event which ran in the early morning of this two-day festival. Hand coloured and vintage slides accompanied a DJ set of ambient and experimental music, including some of my sound works.