auroral anomaly

Hand-made colour slides, mixed media and audio performance.
6 minutes.
projection approximately 5 x 3m
performed for the Ascension Cinema Festival, St Kevin’s Arcade, Auckland, New Zealand.
December 2006

The culmination of a series of three projector works, combining direct colour slide techniques and an audio piece with performance. Auroral Anomaly recreates the magical atmospheric field of an aurora. The audio evokes an environment that is warm and enchanting yet also detailed, blustery and crystalline.

Ascending Scale

Hand-made book in an edition of thirty.
28 pages full-colour, 148 x 205mm
ISBN-13: 978-0-473-11491-6
published October 2006

This publication is an extension of the ideas from an exhibition that dealt with particles, cycles and loops and their integration into larger, more complex systems; ecological, atmospheric, optical and aural.

The text is a transcription of a conversation that I had with co-exhibitor Susie Pratt and critic Kate Montgomery that ranged across Hazel Henderson’s idea of “the love economy”, open-source software in South American government and the rejuvenation of out-dated technologies. Images of the work are organized so that they enter into dialog with one another.

As well as developing the book’s content, I designed, printed, bound and marketed the publication. It is held in a number of art and design libraries and the public library in Auckland as well as in the collection of the National Library of New Zealand.

space modulator

Slide projectors, hand-made colour slides, electronics and mixed media.
1.8 x 2.6 x 1.4m approx.
shown at rm103 gallery, Auckland, New Zealand.
September 2006

Suggestive of a mass of particles, explosions, orbits and gravitational arcs, this work was a development from earlier three projector works, using direct colour slides as the source for its atmospheric effects. The title makes a light-hearted reference to Laszlo Moholy-Nagy’s Light-Space Modulator while creating a work more playful and whimsical than its antecedent.

automated weather charts

Series of seven digital prints.
420 x 297mm
shown at rm103 gallery, Auckland, New Zealand.
September 2006

These works map the movement of weather systems across New Zealand over a one-week period. Reducing the map to sites of data collection and their readings disrupts the boundaries between geographical and meteorological readings. The landform appears cloud-like, while the atmospheric data begins to conform to a recognizable landmass.

Each image is grounded upon the International Meteorological Organization index for the numerical descriptions of weather conditions. Containing phrases such as “36: Slight or moderate drifting snow (below eye level)”, it shows the imprecision and subjectivity of this rationalist project carried to an absurd extreme.



Field recording, real-time audio manipulation.
5 minutes 17s
released on the label Compact Listen.
August 2006

A single field recording documents the aural richness of an everyday moment. Seagulls, people passing, a homeless man playing recorder, the drone of a lawn-mower and a nearby clock chiming 12 all feature in this recording made alongside the Albert Park fountain in central Auckland. Qualities of sound are amplified, exaggerated and manipulated via a custom piece of real-time audio programming.

audio reticulation

Computer cut vinyl, glass, sunlight, processed audio feedback.
1.8 x 2m
shown at High Street Project gallery, Christchurch, New Zealand.
May 2006

An audio processing network developed using the max/msp software formed the basis for this work. The vinyl-on-glass work makes visual the audio piece, offering an alternative way of reading systemic relationships. This notion of translation also occurs within the image as it is processed for vinyl cutting, a technology that works between the hand-made and machinic. Using light to activate the work firmly grounds it in the physical world.

test pattern

(three colour cycle)

Slide projectors, timers, electronics and mixed media.
2.5 x 3.2 x 1.9m approx.
shown at High Street Project gallery, Christchurch, New Zealand.
May 2006

This piece occupies a space between the still and moving image. Projections are reflected off rotating mirrored surfaces and diffused across a wall surface, transforming each image into a slowly orbiting field of its constituent parts.

This project references the organization of “bottom-up” systems; the original still image becomes the seed for the generation of a pattern-field. Timers create phase relationships and a visual feedback loop locates the original images as details in the larger context of the piece.

platform 2006

Experimental performance series.
Curated with Jemma Nissen.
held at the Wine Cellar, Auckland, New Zealand.
September 2005 – April 2006

Platform was a series of performance nights showcasing diverse approaches to experimental performance, regularly drawing audiences of 50-70 people. Over its eight-month duration it featured dance, film, slide shows, storytelling, live installation, sound, drawing, shadow puppetry and video art. The event grew by word-of-mouth and provided an informal but public opportunity for performance.

I co-initiated, organized, hosted and documented the event as well as performing on two occasions. My first performance was a three slide-projector piece called “slide juggling”. The second was a drawing performance that made use of chance selections to direct drawing operations.