platform 2005

Experimental performance series.
Curated with Jemma Nissen.
held at the Wine Cellar, Auckland, New Zealand.
September 2005 – April 2006

Platform was a series of performance nights showcasing diverse approaches to experimental performance, regularly drawing audiences of 50-70 people. Over its eight-month duration it featured dance, film, slide shows, storytelling, live installation, sound, drawing, shadow puppetry and video art. The event grew by word-of-mouth and provided an informal but public opportunity for performance.

I co-initiated, organized, hosted and documented the event as well as performing on two occasions. My first performance was a three slide-projector piece called “slide juggling”. The second was a drawing performance that made use of chance selections to direct drawing operations.


Lead, thread, printed card, sunlight and audio.
3 x 5.5 x 2m approx
shown at Phatspace ARI, Sydney, Australia.
July 2005

data_cloud makes tangible a bodily relationship to data’s cloudy characteristics: indeterminacy, vastness, plurality, obscurity, lightness and ephemerality. It also alludes to the formal systems that underpin the construction and collection of data. It examines the interplay between the system and its mobile content.

The work posits that the system of weather data collection is not one of abstraction (leading to an understanding of clouds and their operations) but one of substitution. The collection of data mirrors the sky above and replaces one dynamic ephemeral condition with another; data is also boundless and immaterial.