conference : architecture/ECOLOGY

Kitset has been selected as a participatory intervention in the Architecture/ECOLOGY conference, organised by the University of Sheffield School of Architecture. The conference will examine various notions of ecology and their relationship to the discipline of architecture, and features speakers from around the UK and abroad. Keynote speakers are Neeraj Bhatia and Maya Przybylski of Infranet Lab.

cumbernauld hit

I have an audio work and a framed library catalogue record in a group exhibition opening this week in the Scottish new town of Cumbernauld. The exhibition occupies a number of vacant shops within the 1950s designed Cumbernauld Town Centre mega-structure.

For the opening of this project there will be a symposium, taking place at 4pm in Cumbernauld Theatre. I will be part of a panel of speakers gathered from artists, architects and historians who will come together and use Cumbernauld Town Centre as a starting point for discussion on the past, present and future of Cumbernauld. All are welcome.